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Terms & Conditions

1. Sending any goods from the store depends on the complete settlement of its invoice.

2. You do not necessarily need to be submitted to the site, but in the process of registering the exact address to our partners should be included in the support section. Obviously, any problems with the correct and accurate address of the address are the responsibility of the customer.

3. Due to the lack of warranty by the Post Company (and private transport companies), breakable products are preferably shipped through TIPAX. (Before sending orders to TIPAX, we'll arrange with the customer)

4. Every day, non-breakable products are delivered properly and in healthy condition to TIPAX officers. In case of any problems and damage to the product, you must go to TIPAX for damage and the store will not be responsible.

5. The appearance of handicraft products (embroidered products) varies due to the texture and may be slightly different from the site photo. Of course, there is no difference in their quality. Given this, our colleagues will contact customers after ordering and send the image of the product to the customer through apps such as WhatsApp.

6. Our support team are required to contact and finalize their order after registering the order to arrange with the customer through the phone numbers listed in the order registration form.

7. The product shipped is based on the customer's choice, if the order is sent, if the customer intends to replace it, it must be done within 24 hours, according to the decision of store manager (and the shipping and packaging fee are on your side).

8. The cost of shipping the goods (less than 100 USD) is by the customer. This fee will be notified either after the goods registered in website or at the time of the finalising by store support.


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